Blog of Mayhem…with photos of mayhem.

More things Hunter has stolen from the kitchen counter:
1. another sponge
2. another sponge
3. another sponge
4. another sponge
5. a walnut
Things Hunter has stolen from the kitchen counter:
1. wooden spoon
2. tea whisk
3. tea scoop
4. inari (which Skittles helped him eat)
5. the sponge
Sound up if you want to hear the growls. He is very possessive of his sponge!
Mayhem has happened.
Fisher and Hunter playing in the sunshine.
Fisher has been teaching the little Snow Tiger all about proper egg carton use.
Introducing: the newest member of the Kittens of Mayhem MC!! This little Snow Tiger joined Skittles and Fisher last week as the third member of the team!

Skittles plays with her spring. On my knees.

Skittles’s favorite Auntie captioned this photo rather appropriately.Update:  Scratching bowl demolition continues apace. KOM hard at work being destructive.  Fisher wants some toast.

Fisher really enjoyed this hummingbird documentary.Skittles up to mayhem. . . she got into a soup can in the sink.Skittles didn’t want to share this toy with Fisher.  Mayhem ensued. Occasionally, the Kittens need to take a break from causing Mayhem.Happy Holidays from the Kittens of Mayhem!

Skittles tries to escape the tissue paper box. Fisher drags her back down. Mayhem continues.

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